Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

The most popular massage that uses flowing strokes to relieve tension and soothe the nervous system.




Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue

Designed to relieve muscle stiffness and restore mobility with deeper and more precise technique. Effectively increase circulation and loosen knotted fibers. Great for chronic pain sufferers.




Shiatsu / Acupressure

Japanese method of press and release technique on the pressure points along the merridian (energy channel). Restore balance and enables the body to regain its own healing process.




Foot Massage

Foot Reflexology

A foot massage focusing on pressure points related to a special area or organ of the body. Great to relieve tension and restore balance for the whole body.






New Price starting March 9, 2015

Therapeutic Massage 60min $75 / 90min $120
Deep Tissue 60min $75 / 90min $120
Shiatsu/Acupressure 60min $75 / 90min $120
Foot Reflexology 60min $75